"Mr. Dravecky is a dynamic, compassionate, empathetic speaker who not only connected well with the audience but from the moment he arrived, connected with staff, patients and volunteers on every level. Both pre and post speech, he was an amazing magnet for the very, very senior and very, very young alike, taking time to be charming and playful with them all.

His speech included elements that all could relate to, spiritual, physical, and emotional. Although a very serious journey, he found a way to lighten the story at some very crucial times. One experienced a roller coaster of emotions going on his journey through his story. Looking around the audience and seeing tears in the eyes of some of the men made me know we had selected the right speaker for the day.

Afterwards, Mr. Dravecky was just as gracious with his time as he was prior to his speaking, posing for pictures, signing any and everything put before him and just talking with all who wanted an audience. What a powerful message from an amazing man of courage, sincerity and grace.

Mr. Dravecky, we thank you for who you are and what you share to bless others. You are truly a gracious man with an amazing story about faith, life, courage and determination."  Markettea Johnson Beneke, Senior Director, El Camino Hospital, Oncology Service Line


Awesome, inspirational, genuine real man and true hero are just some of the terms our employees used to describe Dave Dravecky after hearing him speak at our global employee meeting. Everyone has obstacles in their lives that can be roadblocks. After hearing Dave Dravecky’s story of how cancer ended his professional baseball career and affected him both emotionally and physically – and how he was able to emerge from this low point in his life and become a better man, husband and father, it made everyone in the audience feel they, too, can overcome any obstacles in their lives, both professionally and personally.
He was so gracious and joined the group for dinner as well as signed autographs and posed for photos. He also shared with us many special mementos he earned and collected over the years. By the time Dave left, we all felt connected to him as though he were now part of our company.
Everyone in the Dravecky organization was a pleasure to work with and very professional. Dave took the time to speak with us before the engagement to learn about our event and organization, asking many questions about the goals of our conference, and he incorporated this information into his speech. It was a class act from start to finish.
Christina Hernan, Vice President, Corporate HR, Global Wellness & Risk Management
The Cooper Companies, Inc.

Dave was absolutely amazing! His story was so inspirational and touching and he was truly the easiest person to work with that we've ever had at this university. Throughout the entire set-up, performance, and end he was incredibly gracious, humble, and sincere and was even more than we could've asked for. It was a pleasure working with you guys.
Erica Bickel, University of Nevada, Reno

"Dave's message and delivery is guaranteed to hit the heart of anyone who has the honor of hearing him speak. Guaranteed to have tears, laughter and thought provoking experiences.  Incredible."  Mike Soldati, First Priority Financial

"We've had a wonderful response to Dave and his message. We were very pleased with his eagerness to get to know our organization and mission while he was here, and he was a very gracious guest. The audience was very taken with his story and delivery, and we had great feedback from everyone attending. Having Dave truly blessed our event and he connected to everyone there as well as our mission. It was a successful evening for us. Thanks so much!"
Kayce Strader, Director of Development, Serve Denton

The Ride For Roswell is a weekend of hope for everyone affected by cancer, and Dave Dravecky’s speech encapsulated the event’s meaning. He truly inspired an audience of cancer patients, survivors, their loved ones and caregivers.  Dave is also a man whose actions match his words. He spent the afternoon at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, visiting many of our 31,000 active patients, hearing their stories and spreading his message of courage. He touched many lives in Western New York, and we were so fortunate to have him at our event.”  Cindy Eller, Executive Director, Roswell Park Alliance Foundation

"We were delighted to have Dave as a guest speaker at our annual employee meeting this year.   The economy has been tough for the construction industry, and last year was very difficult for us.  Dave Dravecky’s message was just what we needed to hear. He inspired and uplifted us,  but he also challenged us to pull together as a team and move forward.   His principles can apply both to the individual and to an entire company as a whole.  Often we get stuck in doing what we’ve always done because it’s comfortable.  It’s what we’re used to.  It’s what we thought we’d always be doing.  But then we are forced to look at ourselves and find a new direction. It can be difficult, even painful, but it can also be a time for incredible growth.  We are now looking at innovative ways to grow our business into new markets and are excited about the possibilities!
Dave and his staff were incredibly accommodating and easy to work with. He carefully read about our company, our history, and the challenges we have faced, and skillfully wove these into his talk. He was happy to sign baseball cards for our employees, and was extremely gracious to everyone.  To use an old baseball cliché, he really knocked it out of the park!  People are still talking about Dave four months later.  My only worry now is how I will meet everyone’s expectations for next year’s meeting!"   Jackie Jillson, Market Development Manager, Austin Bridge and Road

"Dave Dravecky didn't just show up to our event in Dexter, Missouri. He became a part of our event by inspiring, motivating, and affecting individual spirits with a raw perspective on battling and beating cancer."

"Dave Dravecky is a winner.  His story on the baseball field is amazing. His story off the baseball field is epic.  Our society uses the term hero much too loosely. Dave is a hero in every sense of the word."   Scott Kruse founder of "18 fore Life Foundation"

"As a sponsor of the 18 Fore Life Foundation, we could not have picked a better speaker and message to share with everyone. I have spoken with several in attendance and they have all been grateful they were able to hear his story. The emotion and professionalism during his presentation was inspiring to all in attendance. The next big task for you will be to find someone in the future who can even get to the bar that Dave has set."  Jim Rainey - Community Bank President, Bank of Advance